PowerSellerNYC - Scammed out of 5 year in-home warranty

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Bought TV no issues with the purchase and delivery. Wasn't in a hurry to have TV access internet wirelessly so never pursued the issues. Decided I wanted to use this feature on the TV but first contact with Samsung discovered the TV had an old software/firmware version. Updating required some work but got it done. Tried again to access wirelessly but no such luck. Called Samsung again and they've decided it's the internal LAN, probably NEVER worked.

Dug out my invoice from PSNYC to call them and some weird special offer blah, blah, blah on both lines. Found a non 800 number but it just rang and rang and rang, etc. I read on the BBB site it seems these folks are out of business and I'm out the money for the warranty and a TV that doesn't work like it should.

Guess not as bad of an experience of others but probably should have known better to buy a long term warranty from an online company! GGRRR! Live and learn I guess.

Does anyone know if these folks are still around or have a real phone number for them? Facebook page is outdated to 2012 so no use even trying that.

Review about: Tv Internet.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

PowerSellerNYC - Refurbished TV sold as new.

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Like others I should have done more homework before spending $2500 here for a deal too good to be true. I purchased a 55" Samsung UN7000 series for about $1900, which was $700 less than the going rate at the time. Threw a new Samsung smart BluRay in there too. Days later they called me and let me know of additional shipping and handling fees. Whatever it was a good deal.

The delivery people were 6 hours late for their scheduled time, and pulled up in a windowless van and made me open the package with them as witnesses to confirm the end of their responsibilities. Nothing deflates the excitement of a new TV like shady details like this. The box was just a brown box, not the glossy Samsung packaging. The packing was custom for the TV so I wasn't totally freaked out. I registered both the Tv and the BluRay with Samsung. Then it got weird.

Power cable was the wrong cable

Scratch on the back of the TV

Samsung logo flickered occasionally

Keyboard on remote didn't work

Once the light flickered out completely I gave up, and went to Samsung for the warranty. Turns out that, 6 months after buying the TV, my 'refurbished product' was out of warranty. I was livid. I called them about it and some New York @sshole gave me the runaround and hung up on me well before I had escalated.

I purchased the TV with an AMEX. I know they will charge back for situations like this, but not after 6 months. I begged customer service to help me out, and after a while they did. PowerNYC called me to offer a 3 year warranty but wouldn't acknowledge that they sent me a used TV. I laughed at the guy and asked how it felt now that someone actually had them by the balls and hung up.

AMEX put the funds back on my account and now I've had the TV free of charge working on the wall for about 3 years. Best part is that the BluRay was a new item, but since it was purchased together it was now 'free' too.

Lesson learned, and I'll be with AMEX for the rest of my life.

Review about: Used Samsung Tv Purchase.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

PowerSellerNYC - Very Bad News Scammers

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Bait and switch...purchased a Sharp from them, as new with guarantee for service...received three year old refurbished one in part of a reship scam run with Shipwire and the J Group out of PA.

Once discovered, the runaround commenced, always ending with "I will get back to you personally by the end of the day"...

toward the end of July, I was cursed at and told I was ***. Still no contact from them and am currently waiting for the check from the repair guarantee company to return the cost of a guarantee that could never been written on the piece of junk I got...both screen and volume defective...

Shame on me for not investigating them more thoroughly in the first place, but the website shows them as members in good standing with numerous raters, including google...

Any good reviews you read are no doubt written by them sub rosa and they are not a "family run" business with 25 years combined experience unless they have other scams they run out there....nasty piece of work

Review about: Powersellerynyc.

Monetary Loss: $810.

PowersellerNYC.com Total Scam Artists


1.) Ordered a projector on Tuesday.

2.) Received an email on Wednesday to call them for verbal confirmation. Salesman told me "This will ship today! I will make this happen."

3.) No Ship Notice so I called back on Thursday. Salesman says "It takes 24-48 hours". You'll have a ship notice today.

4.) On Friday, still no ship notice. Called to cancel the order. Salesman berated me for attempting to cancel. Said he can't do it and transferred to another department. Eventually I was transferred back to him and put back on hold.

5.) Called back in to talk to a supervisor. Supervisor was even worse than the sales guy. He called me a liar and told me that the order had shipped (even though they still could not produce a tracking number) and their online system said that it hadn't shipped. Told me that people like me are selfish and just want to do whatever they want. Told me that if he did cancel the order, he would charge me for the processing fees, and any shipping if it had already shipped. Said he really can't afford to "lose money" on this deal.

Bottom line. Do not order anything from these guys. At best, they are complete scam artists. They are extremely abusive on the phone - yelling, carrying on, changing their story every minute to try to get you to just go away.

Monetary Loss: $1300.


Boston, Massachusetts, United States #694013

oops...that is awreet9@hotmail.com


Hampton, New Hampshire, United States #694010

have had same problem

would you be willing to contact me?

need to go to DA office in NYC with my case

and your experience would be very useful

i live in NH and my email is awreet(@hotmail.com

many thanks


PowerSellerNYC - Damaged TV

Jackson, New Jersey 0 comments

Bought 3 70" TV for my business for a Video Installation. One came in not working and was told since it was not reported in 24 hours PowersellerNYC was not responsible.

I have been fighting with them and American Express for 6 months. Who has a TV hung that large in 24 hours after it is delivered via truck. We paid for Insurance and 3 year service contract and we are still being forced to pay the 2,400 for the TV that has never worked.

This is a company one should not walk away from but RUN. The only positive thing that happened here is they lost future sales of 500,000 over the last 6 months.

Review about: Sharp Tv.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

PowerSellerNYC - Rude and refused to refund.

Kelsterbach, Hesse 1 comment
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I ordered a TV on their website, 2 days after the price went done around $60.00, I called, the guy was so rude on the phone and he refused to refund back the difference of money as he claimed that he is the supervisor (Kevin), so far I did not receive the TV and they do not want to refund the money.. They deal with customer as (take the money and run)...

worst ever experience to buy online big items.

They should be caught by authorities and should been stopped from doing more business. so so so dtupid sellers.

Review about: Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1975.


Boston, Massachusetts, United States #694021

please contact me if you want to help with consumer fraud investigation of these despicable people...have had similar experience and am going to file with ny da's office

many thanks


PowerSellerNYC - The ultimate scam artists

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Update by user May 15, 2012

After dealing with the head of the company, I received a total refund and believe this was a series of miscommunications. I truly take back what I stated and apologize to the merchant.

After researching more, the vast majority of comments were positive. I believe you can get a good deal on electronics from this company, which has been operating for 12 years.

Original review posted by user May 12, 2012

They are a massive scam artist. Trust me.

I'm a lawyer and they say their items are new and in fact they are refurbished. I tried to cancel minutes after I bought a very expensive TV and they said it was already picked up.

When you purchase something, check with the manufacturer 1st, to see who is authorized so you know you are buying what you are wanting. Powersellers NYC is truly the most deceptive company I have dealt with, despite being a litigation attorney for over 25 years and fighting the largest corporations in the U.S.....They are the worst.

Review about: Sharp 70 Inch Led Tv.

Never Buy ANYTHING FROM ripoff Powersellernyc

Aiea, Hawaii 1 comment
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Don't waste your time buying anything from these fools. They won't respond to emails, won't provide you a tracking number, and they may or may not send you the product you order. Item I received was poorly shipped. Item they sent me was wrong and the box it came in was taped all over and stuffed with cardboard!! (for all I know it could be a refurbished or open box item that they sent).

The price you see online isn't the final price you will pay. They will try to tack on other fees.

Stick with the big well known companies when buying electronics.

Company deserves zero stars

Review about: Electronics.



I was going to order a tv from these guy's, but thanks to you good honest people, i will stick to ebay and amazon. :)

PowerSellerNYC - Do Not Buy From Powerseller.

New York, New York 6 comments

I order online, a Smart Tv 46'. Minutes within placing the order, I called Powerseller to confirm my order and they informed me that there was going to be a extra charge of $29.07 for insurance.

I asked them why didn't they include that with the purchase price at the checkout, they explain that there was problems within the system and that I was going to get a call back to let me know about it.

Fine, I agreed to it but within an hour, I decided to cancel my order and called them back. I got them now telling me that there was going to be a $129 cancellation fee because the tv was on it's way and they was charging a restocking fee. Are you kidding me, The tv was going to take 7-14 days to get here but when I called to cancel the order within the hour, the tv was already on it's way.

Also while speaking to them, they talked to me improperly and rudely.

These people are scammers and they are going to take your money one way or another. If you don't want to get scam please do not buy from Powerseller.

Review about: Smart Tv.



uh, you lose no credit card fees if you refund him because you keep nothing and gets nothing in a return. it's a simple non-sale.

you lose no product either.

your logic is pathetic. you must think people are really ***.


I bought an itunes code from. No email was sent to me!

I emailed then but they did not reply.

Whats wrong? My email is ^ if the company sees it kindly email me back.


i bought a itunes card and did not recieve a valid code


Interesting, I ordered a TV from them and was not charged an insurance fee. They also told me it would take up to 7-14 days to deliver and it arrived in 3 days on basic ground shipping.

In fact UPS delivered it a day before I got the email from PowerSellerNyc. They offered me a faster delivery time for more money.

The tv I got was not new and I returned it to them. The red flags are out, do not trust this company.

Cutten, California, United States #376268

We do charge shipping insurance on Television orders. This is shown to customers under the "Shipping" section on our website, which is presented as a "I agree to terms and conditions" check box before customers can complete the checkout process. We then reconfirm this with customers verbally, which we did with him. It is also stated in the policy that after an order is billed and processed, that there will be cancellation fees assessed.

The bottom line on this customer is: He agreed to pay insurance before he checked out. He agreed to pay insurance verbally over the phone. We processed his card (which is why we are charging this fee, not restocking fee). We cannot be held responsible for paying the credit card fees for such a cancellation.

We did nothign wrong with this customer, did not make moneyon him, and only did not lose on his order. Hhe had agreed to pay insurance on two separate occasions, and then expected us to take the loss on credit card fees because he changed his mind.

Unfortunately we could not satisfy this customer, but that does not mean that we do not satisfy the rest of them. Please make sure you understand our policies before placing your order, so that you do not feel that we are "scamming" you in any way. We are a very honest and straightforward company, which I hope you can understand by reading this complaint. Shop with confidence.

to James PowersellerNYC Boston, Massachusetts, United States #694025

every one of the complaints against you are valid...i have experienced for myself and am now going to build a consumer fraud case against powersellersnyc...anyone wishing to join me, please email me at awreet9@hotmail.com


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PowerSellerNYC - Rude ripoff , conartist scam alertt

Denver, Colorado 3 comments
Not resolved

worst retailer ever ... do not use .. waited over a month .

scheduled delivery never came ..... boss literally cussed me out and called me a lowlife...


straight up thieves. cant even believe the horrible rude service tried to be patient ...

its not worth it with these folks... no savings is worth working with these people.

they are rude and hateful.

worst retailer ever ... do not use .. waited over a month .

scheduled delivery never came ..... boss literally cussed me out and called me a lowlife...


straight up thieves. cant even believe the horrible rude service tried to be patient ...

its not worth it with these folks... no savings is worth working with these people.

they are rude and hateful.

Review about: Samsung Led.

Monetary Loss: $2000.



Im taking Active Atom, aka Power seller NYC, Inc dba PowerSellerNYC.com, aka DealCost.com to court for fraud. I am able to accomplish this because I reside in the same state where the business is located. If anyone had a problem with said company, and reside in NYS please e-mail me at WCor409171@aol.com


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :cry :cry :cry


great customer service featuring threatening physical violence. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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