Like others I should have done more homework before spending $2500 here for a deal too good to be true. I purchased a 55" Samsung UN7000 series for about $1900, which was $700 less than the going rate at the time. Threw a new Samsung smart BluRay in there too. Days later they called me and let me know of additional shipping and handling fees. Whatever it was a good deal.

The delivery people were 6 hours late for their scheduled time, and pulled up in a windowless van and made me open the package with them as witnesses to confirm the end of their responsibilities. Nothing deflates the excitement of a new TV like shady details like this. The box was just a brown box, not the glossy Samsung packaging. The packing was custom for the TV so I wasn't totally freaked out. I registered both the Tv and the BluRay with Samsung. Then it got weird.

Power cable was the wrong cable

Scratch on the back of the TV

Samsung logo flickered occasionally

Keyboard on remote didn't work

Once the light flickered out completely I gave up, and went to Samsung for the warranty. Turns out that, 6 months after buying the TV, my 'refurbished product' was out of warranty. I was livid. I called them about it and some New York @sshole gave me the runaround and hung up on me well before I had escalated.

I purchased the TV with an AMEX. I know they will charge back for situations like this, but not after 6 months. I begged customer service to help me out, and after a while they did. PowerNYC called me to offer a 3 year warranty but wouldn't acknowledge that they sent me a used TV. I laughed at the guy and asked how it felt now that someone actually had them by the balls and hung up.

AMEX put the funds back on my account and now I've had the TV free of charge working on the wall for about 3 years. Best part is that the BluRay was a new item, but since it was purchased together it was now 'free' too.

Lesson learned, and I'll be with AMEX for the rest of my life.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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