On 11/4/08 I placed an order with Powerseller for a tv.

They immediately charged my account on that date, even though the item was not shipped. I repeatedly called them to determine when the item was shipped and when I could expect delivery, but they could not tell me.

Since I really wanted a tv, on 11/21/08, after again asking for delivery info and not getting any, I advised them to cancel the order on 11/21/08 (via phone, email and thru their website.

When I received my Amex bill, on 11/21/08, I called and disputed the 11/4/08 charge from Powerseller, since I had cancelled the order.

On 11/21/08 I place a new order with TV & Computer Sales (charged to my account on 11/24/08), and received the tv on 11/26/08.

At this point I was a happy camper, but then, on 12/1/0,8 a delivery was attempted for a tv, which I refused (I had my tv already). I wasn't sure who had shipped the item, but I suspected it might be Powerseller, but that didn't make any sense since I had cancelled my order with them.

They now are charging me cancellation fees and restock fees for $398.79. Nice outfit!!

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