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I ordered a $799 Visio L37 HDTV on Oct 1st 2007 that arrived a week later. The TV was defective.

I tried Visio support in hopes that it could be revived but they told me it was more than two years old and had nothing to suggest. I repeatedly phoned Powersellernyc and finally received a replacement on the 30th. It was a remanufactured unit but at least it worked. Powersellernyc told me that they would pick up the defective unit.

On the 31st of December they billed my credit card another $799 for the defective TV that still awaits pickup.

Monetary Loss: $799.

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Brownwood, Texas, United States #9336

This customer ordered a TV from us, which arrived damaged. While involved in settling the claim for the damaged merchandise, we shipped him a new TV.

The model number of the unit he ordered was clearly marked as REFURBISHED, and both TV's that were sent to him were as such. It is a policy of the insurance company that the damaged merchandise does not move locations until the claim is settled. During this time, the customer took it upon himself to sell the damaged TV, which was only damaged to the point that lines were across the screen. He told one of our reps that he sold the TV to someone who was in hopes of repairing it.

We were unable to complete the claim due to the fact that he moved the merchandise, and since he was in possession of two televisions, we billed his card.

It is not something that we wanted to do at all, because it made for an unhappy customer. I hope that anyone reading this can understand our position.

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