I order online, a Smart Tv 46'. Minutes within placing the order, I called Powerseller to confirm my order and they informed me that there was going to be a extra charge of $29.07 for insurance.

I asked them why didn't they include that with the purchase price at the checkout, they explain that there was problems within the system and that I was going to get a call back to let me know about it.

Fine, I agreed to it but within an hour, I decided to cancel my order and called them back. I got them now telling me that there was going to be a $129 cancellation fee because the tv was on it's way and they was charging a restocking fee. Are you kidding me, The tv was going to take 7-14 days to get here but when I called to cancel the order within the hour, the tv was already on it's way.

Also while speaking to them, they talked to me improperly and rudely.

These people are scammers and they are going to take your money one way or another. If you don't want to get scam please do not buy from Powerseller.

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uh, you lose no credit card fees if you refund him because you keep nothing and gets nothing in a return. it's a simple non-sale.

you lose no product either.

your logic is pathetic. you must think people are really ***.


I bought an itunes code from. No email was sent to me!

I emailed then but they did not reply.

Whats wrong? My email is ^ if the company sees it kindly email me back.


i bought a itunes card and did not recieve a valid code


Interesting, I ordered a TV from them and was not charged an insurance fee. They also told me it would take up to 7-14 days to deliver and it arrived in 3 days on basic ground shipping.

In fact UPS delivered it a day before I got the email from PowerSellerNyc. They offered me a faster delivery time for more money.

The tv I got was not new and I returned it to them. The red flags are out, do not trust this company.

Cutten, California, United States #376268

We do charge shipping insurance on Television orders. This is shown to customers under the "Shipping" section on our website, which is presented as a "I agree to terms and conditions" check box before customers can complete the checkout process. We then reconfirm this with customers verbally, which we did with him. It is also stated in the policy that after an order is billed and processed, that there will be cancellation fees assessed.

The bottom line on this customer is: He agreed to pay insurance before he checked out. He agreed to pay insurance verbally over the phone. We processed his card (which is why we are charging this fee, not restocking fee). We cannot be held responsible for paying the credit card fees for such a cancellation.

We did nothign wrong with this customer, did not make moneyon him, and only did not lose on his order. Hhe had agreed to pay insurance on two separate occasions, and then expected us to take the loss on credit card fees because he changed his mind.

Unfortunately we could not satisfy this customer, but that does not mean that we do not satisfy the rest of them. Please make sure you understand our policies before placing your order, so that you do not feel that we are "scamming" you in any way. We are a very honest and straightforward company, which I hope you can understand by reading this complaint. Shop with confidence.

to James PowersellerNYC Boston, Massachusetts, United States #694025

every one of the complaints against you are valid...i have experienced for myself and am now going to build a consumer fraud case against powersellersnyc...anyone wishing to join me, please email me at awreet9@hotmail.com


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